The VIDEO links to the upper left are a must see to really appreciate how easy THE TOOL SWING works.

This is one of those things.....  Once you own one. You won't know how you ever got along without one.



- Great space saver for the work shop with limited space. 
- Why buy more expensive workbenches and lose valuable space.
- Keeps your workbench clean and clear for more work space.
- Very easy to install.
- Mounts to just about any workbench.
- Makes an extremely solid platform even for the professional.

Very easily mounted in minutes to just about any workbench with just 5 bolts. No assembly required.

You can maintain a clean, clear workspace but still have quick and easy access to practically any tool you choose to mount to THE TOOL SWING .

 Here's a workbench with THE TOOL SWING for a bench grinder in the down and hidden position.

Just open the door... and see how it looks when not in use.

THE TOOL SWING very easily swings out and locks into place.

Crank it solid, close the door, and you're ready to go!!


THE TOOL SWINGS are now available for your bench grinder and vise through Ebay. There is a link below to take you to the auctions.

These things are AWESOME!!! They bolt underneath your existing bench and then you bolt your tool to it.  They swing and snap up with ease. You crank them solid and you're ready to work. When done let them back down and they're out of your way.  

THE TOOL SWING will adapt to just about any bench, even if you have a brace under your bench top, you can just space it down. Your bench is probably around 36" tall. Most free standing tool stands are from 29" to 32" tall. Space it under your bench top and your tool will still be plenty high for use. You will be amazed with the strength and stability!!!

 - Built extremely solid to take a pounding with a 2200 lb rating. Will fit most 6" and smaller vises (see ebay listing for more information and specs. There is a link below).

- THE TOOL SWING Bench Grinder Model - Built extremely solid with a 340 lb rating. The crank takes out all vibration and makes a very solid tool platform. Will fit most 8" and smaller bench grinders (see ebay listing for more information and specs. There is a link below).   

If you are limited on bench space, just want an easy way to move a tool out of your way, or just want a cool, clean looking bench then THE TOOL SWING is what you need.

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